Vajehyab Stats

Have you ever wondered what are the most searched Persian (Farsi) words? At, one of if not the most popular Persian dictionary websites, we have been keeping track of the most searched words. It’s fascinating to see how the top words change over time, influenced by news, or popular TV shows. It’s also fun to glipse into collective crowd’s state of the mind! A few days ago I decided to put up a simple website that shows the top words (queries to be more accurate) in the past day, week and month and now it’s up and running! Daily numbers are updated every 15 minutes, weekly and monthly numbers are updated every several hours. The page will autoamtically update itself when new results are available. Be warned that the top queries include some profanities!
You can check out Vajehyab Stats here.

Independent Researcher, CTO

My research interests include time series classification and privacy-preserving machine learning.