Characterizing Driving Behaviors Through a Car Simulation Platform


Human mobility has opened up to many themes in recent years. Human behavior and how a driver might react to certain situations, whether dangerous (e.g. an accident) or simply part of the evolution of new technologies (e.g. autonomous driving), leaves many avenues to be explored. Although experiments have been deployed in real situations, it remains difficult to encounter the conditions that certain studies may require. For this reason, we have set up a driving simulator (comprising several modules) that is able to reproduce a realistic driving environment. Although, as the literature has already demonstrated, the conditions are often far from reality, simulation platforms are nonetheless capable of reproducing an incredibly large number of scenarios on the fly. In this poster, we explain how we conceived the simulator, as well as the system we developed for collecting metrics on both the driver and the simulation environment. In addition, we take advantage of this conference to publicly share a dataset consisting of 25 drivers performing the same road circuit on the “Project Cars” game.

IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference