. Revisiting Gaussian Mixture Models for Driver Identification. Accepted for presentation at IEEE ICVES, 2018.

Preprint Project

. Non-intrusive Distraction Detection Based on Car Sensor Data. VEHITS, 2018.

Preprint Project

. Characterizing Driving Behaviors Through a Car Simulation Platform. IEEE VNC, 2017.


. Towards a Real-Time Driver Identification Mechanism Based on Driving Sensing Data. IEEE ITSC, 2017.

Preprint Project

. An Open Dataset for Human Activity Analysis usingSmart Devices. 2017.


. A car hacking experiment: When connectivity meets vulnerability. IEEE GC Workshops, 2015.

Preprint Project

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Driver Identification

Driver Identification is the main topic of my Ph.D., the main idea is to identify drivers using their driving patterns. Click on the title to learn more and see the relevant publications.

Car hacking

For my Masters’ Thesis I hacked! a Renault Twizy and managed to some extent control it remotely, I also did some interesting things with Toyota Prius. Click to learn more…



Vajehyab is an initiative to preserve and promote Persian (Farsi) language through providing several tools to users so they can easily research the meaning of the words in several dictionaries.


A Fintech startup operating in Tehran, Sharjeman’s mission is to facilitate maintenance of the residential and commercial buildings.